The  recordings on this page were all done with high quality digital recording equipment. In order to post the songs on this site it was necessary to convert them to a lower quality mp3 format. Doing this conversion causes some loss of fidelity but we hope you still enjoy listening to the songs as much as we enjoyed playing them. 

Thank you………..Rick and Susan

This is a track recorded live at Charley’s Tavern on with the gracious help of the Charley’s Tavern Choir. (Thanks to Dan Pearce for engineering the original recording.)

Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)– Rikshaw Band and Charley’s Tavern Choir

The song is a Gary Moore composition “Cold Day In Hell”.

Cold Day In Hell – Rikshaw Band

A Young Rascals song we did just for fun.

People Got To Be Free – Rikshaw Band

“Desparado” recorded live at the Jefferson House, Lk. Hopatcong NJ by sound engineer Dan Pearce. This song never gets old to us.

Desparado – Rikshaw Band – Live at the Jefferson House

This song “Still Got The Blues” is another Gary Moore song.

Still Got The Blues – Rikshaw Band

For the curious tech minded:

All tracks were recorded and engineered by Rick and Susan using a Tascam 2488 24 track digital recorder. Mastering was done using using Sony Sound Forge and T-Racks mastering VST’s. The midi sequencing was created using Cakewalk/Sonor software.




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